Monitoring & Verification

Monitoring & Verification: Sustaining Your ECMs

M&V is a critical part of every Worthington energy project that ensures Energy Conservation Measures ("ECMs") perform according to design intent. M&V combines metering and sub-metering strategies with intelligent energy control systems ("Global Controls") and Worthington’s commitment to its customers to ensure that all installed equipment performs optimally as an integrated system.

M&V is also an essential part of an Energy Service Agreement (“ESA”) and allows Worthington to stay actively involved with an energy project’s success. The scope of M&V deliverables is designed to provide the tools necessary to guarantee the profitability of a Worthington designed system now and in the future.

M&V is a Hands-On Strategy that Turns a Worthington Designed Energy System into an Infrastructure Platform for Continual Improvement—

M&V Ensures:

  • The energy system meets or exceeds projected energy savings
  • Proper system operating schedule and performance according to design intent
  • Critical maintenance is performed
  • Individual system components continue to perform optimally
  • Continual improvement based on performance data
  • Performance data is complete and accurate

Worthington M&V includes:

  • Daily reviews of system performance data
  • Client notification in the case of equipment failure or other critical indicators & swift corrective action
  • Monthly on-site visits where equipment is physically inspected to verify maintenance and performance
  • Warranty on all installed equipment
  • Detailed weekly, monthly and annual energy reporting
  • 24-7 access to Worthington Tech Services

Worthington engineers compile and verify performance data on a daily basis. This means that every day, Worthington checks to make sure the system is performing optimally and according to design intent. Worthington’s continued involvement with the project also provides the opportunity for customer personnel and Worthington engineers to engage in dialog about the performance of ECMs and identify potential improvements. M&V also provides a platform for implementing and verifying the performance of future ECMs.

M&V is a core discipline for Worthington and our experience has shown it is a critical component of an energy system: it maintains the value of an energy efficiency project as a long-term, sustainable and profitable investment.

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