"Bigfoot" Ductless HVAC

Building Pressurization Strategy Eliminates the Need for Ductwork

One of Worthington Energy Innovations' first patents is known as the “Bigfoot” air handler. The Bigfoot is a direct-fire air-handling unit with two 100-horsepower fans capable of delivering 200,000 scfm

Worthington Energy Innovations' Bigfoot units pressurize a building or facility and use the laws of thermodynamics to distribute warm and cool air without the need for ductwork – this is Worthington's hallmark “Warm Air cooling” and “Cool Air Heating” methodology. Additionally, by removing the need for ductwork and the fans necessary to drive air through it, building pressurization can reduce the costs of moving air by as much as 88%.

Worthington's Bigfoot and Building Pressurization:

  • Circulates air using the laws of thermodynamics
  • Improves efficiency by preventing outside air from entering a building or facility through open doors or windows
  • Uses variable frequency drive (“VDF”) motors for enhanced efficiency
  • Has smart discharge heads that can respond to the heating and cooling needs of specific areas of a building or facility
  • Reacts automatically to infiltration and exfiltration needs to maintain building conditions
  • Creates uniform building pressurization and temperature

Worthington Energy Innovations' building pressurization strategy and technology promotes air circulation and helps recover waste heat for use in HVAC loads. Building pressurization also maintains a nearly constant, comfortable temperature at a building or facility’s floor level and significantly improves indoor air quality.