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A Business Model of Accountability

Worthington Energy Innovations has a 30-year track record of helping its customers achieve their energy efficiency and resource conservation goals. Worthington works closely with its customers to develop energy conservation measures (“ECM”s) and project road maps that are customized to the needs of individual facilities and customer visions for sustainability.

At Worthington, we’re in the energy business so our customers don’t have to be. Worthington’s core operating principle holds that energy efficiency should come at no risk to a customer. Worthington designed energy systems come with guaranteed performance – performance is guaranteed in terms of BTU reductions that translate into savings, turning energy efficiency into a revenue stream. Worthington Energy Innovations' guarantees are fully insured making a Worthington energy project a solid bet for reduced operating costs that come with zero risk.

Worthington designed energy systems are end-to-end, turnkey energy efficiency solutions. The approach is simple:

Worthington Energy Innovations is involved in every step of its energy efficiency projects so that it can be fully accountable for the daily performance of its energy systems and guarantee cash savings to its customers.

A Worthington Energy Innovations project is implemented in an Energy Services Agreement (“ESA”) that defines its relationship with a customer for the term of a project. The ESA allows Worthington to take full accountability for the performance of an energy system and guarantee cash savings to its customer from the moment the system is turned on. Under an ESA, Worthington acts as “Owner’s Rep” and manages the entire process from conceptualization to detail design to construction to start-up. Worthington remains with the customer for the term of the ESA to provide Monitoring & Verification (“M&V”), training for customer personnel and to ensure that critical maintenance is performed.

Worthington also offers flexibility in the capital requirements to implement energy efficiency projects. Its track record has been so successful that (through its financial affiliate, Powerdigm, it has been able to educate investors who are now waiting to invest in energy efficiency projects.

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