Systems Definition

Worthington Energy Innovations designs holistic energy systems that address energy efficiency across HVAC, Process and other loads in a building, campus or facility. After the initial Feasibility Study, Worthington engineers client approved Energy Conservation Measures (“ECMs”) into a detailed implementation plan with guaranteed savings metrics.

Worthington Engineers the System

  • Inventory and verification of existing equipment
  • Detailed concept engineering drawings
  • Detailed cost estimates in consultation with customer preferred contractors
  • Worthington’s recommended energy model and savings analysis
  • Proposals to implement the project

Worthington establishes a “System Definition” in the PER, which is a master engineering plan. In its role as "Owner's Rep," Worthington hires and manages a customer approved and locally licensed engineering firm to expedite portions of Detail Design and other engineering tasks. This project structure continues to allow Worthington to stay 100% accountable for the design and performance of an energy efficiency project as well as cut engineering costs.

Additionally, Worthington Energy Innovations can further cut costs for customer who wish to take energy efficiency to scale across multiple sites by rolling out multiple PERs for similar facilities, buildings and campuses. Ultimately a scaled approach to multi-site projects allows Worthington customers to benefit from energy savings earlier than they would if each site was implemented as a single project.