System Design/Build

As “Owner’s Rep,” Worthington Energy Innovations provides end-to-end, turnkey energy systems. After an initial Energy Assessment (Feasibility Study) identifies potential Energy Conservation Measures (“ECMs”) and a Preliminary Engineering Report (“PER”) develops a detailed Systems Definition and a plan to implement desirable ECMs, Worthington oversees and manages the installation process through final commissioning.

Worthington Energy Innovations Project Management Includes:

  • Managing the project's budget
  • Checking and double-checking throughout the design/build process to verify that design specifications are precisely implemented
  • Overseeing engineering and technical services
  • Providing expertise as needed
  • Ensuring that installation does not interfere with production and use schedules at the site
  • Training customer personnel in the operation and maintenance of the system
  • Check/Test/Start and Final Commissioning of the new energy system

Worthington Energy Innovations engineers are onsite throughout the construction process to provide advice on installation and verify that installation meets design specifications. Worthington, also, develops and maintains punch-lists of variances to guide accurate installation.

When the construction of a new energy system is completed, Worthington engineers verify that the system is properly installed and that all equipment functions properly. The Worthington Team systematically starts and tests each system component to make sure they meet the operational specifications outlined in the PER. As a last step in the installation of an energy system, PSI performs a “Final Performance Control System Commissioning” check that verifies the system as a whole operates according to design intent. When this step is complete, Worthington activates the system and turns control over to trained customer personnel.

Beyond installation and start-up, Worthington stays committed to the success of its energy systems through its comprehensive Monitoring & Verification (M&V) program. M&V allows Worthington to continue to be accountable for the performance of a new energy system over the term of an Energy Service Agreement (ESA).