Energy Assessments

Your Road Map to Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

The first step in a Worthington Energy Innovations project is to establishing robust energy profile of a facility, building or campus. Worthington builds that profile with a Feasibility Study (FS). The FS is an in-depth, top to bottom approach that catalogs where and how energy is being used, and where and how energy is lost as waste.

In an FS, Worthington customers get to see a baseline of the energy they purchase or produce on site compared with the actual needs of their energy loads. An FS also includes an outline of potential Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) that can be used to reduce energy costs, cut greenhouse emissions and enhance productivity.

Feasibility Study (FS)

  • Current energy consumption & waste
  • Current greenhouse emissions
  • Water requirements & waste
  • Actual energy needs
  • Average weather conditions and their impact on energy needs
  • Energy requirements per occupancy patterns and production cycles

Worthington builds the FS by creating individual energy profiles for all existing buildings and equipment, analyzing existing monitoring and controls systems, taking account of weather conditions throughout the year, developing a detailed understanding of the energy requirements for process flows and understanding occupancy and use patterns.

Worthington Energy Innovations' FS is a first step to designing and implementing an energy solution that ensures you aren’t paying for more energy than you actually need and with waste energy recovery and renewable options can result in a system that has you paying for less energy than you need.