Goodyear is one of the world's biggest tire companies with operations in most regions of the world. Founded over a century ago, Goodyear is the number one tire maker in North America and Latin America.


Goodyear hired Worthington’s engineering team to use its ductless HVAC (Bigfoot) system and energy efficiency strategies at their Tire Distribution center in Cumberland, Maryland and a manufacturing plant in Valleyfield, Quebec. Goodyear’s primary goal in hiring Worthington was to solve indoor air quality problems. Worthington’s challenge was to achieve substantial reductions in the concentrations of particulate toxins in the indoor environments at these locations. Worthington designed and installed energy systems that converted oil-fired and coal-fired steam boilers to gas-fired boilers, moving energy delivery from steam to closed hot-water loops.


Worthington improved the air quality in these facilities by approximately 300 percent. With a total investment of $1,800,000 at Valleyfield and Cumberland, Goodyear realized annual energy savings of $500,000. Following these successful results, Goodyear hired the Worthington team to design an energy model for a new plant in Napanee, Ontario. An initial investment of $12,000,000 resulted in $10,000,000 savings on start-up costs and a 30% reduction in operational costs when compared with other Goodyear plants. Napanee also showcased Worthington’s newly developed “Warm Air Cooling” Methodology.