Case Studies

Worthington Energy Innovations has generated energy savings, reduced carbon footprints and enhanced profitability for a variety of companies for more than thirty years.

Highlights of a Worthington Energy Innovations System's Value:

• Worthington helps find and deliver productivity and sustainability goals for Resource Conservation
• Flexible project finance structures guarantee increased cash flow with the option for no capital investment
• Guaranteed reductions in MMBTUHs needed, and reduced utility costs and GHG emissions
• Locked in utility rates that provide a hedge against increasing costs
• Energy savings allow the integration of renewable energy sources into energy efficiency projects
Monitoring & Verification ("M&V") and warranty provides the mechanism for lifecycle sustainability and optimal system performance
• Worthington's systems establish an infrastructure platform for continual improvement
• Avoided maintenance costs
• Reduced "first-costs" on new installations

Worthington is is able to provide these benefits because it takes on 100% accountability for the performance of the energy systems it designs through long-term Energy Service Agreements ("ESAs") with its customers. Worthington's business model of accountability allows it to stay with its customer over the long-haul as a partner that drives continual improvement to energy reductions, increased savings and enhanced productivity.

Our Customers