History of Worthington Energy Innovations

CEO Tom Kiser launched Professional Supply, Inc. in 1979 with a loan from the Small Business Administration that was partially collateralized by his wife’s wedding ring. 

In 2010, PSI’s CEO Tom Kiser and the Vice President of the Wege Foundation, Jonathan Wege, partnered to form Powerdigm as a vehicle for educating investors about our business model of accountability. The result is a pool of investors waiting to invest in energy efficiency projects that generate return from energy savings we guarantee.

In 2012, Professional Supply, Inc. joined Worthington Industries and formed Worthington Energy Innovations. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Worthington Industries is a global company made up of businesses that lead their industry with a core competency in manufacturing. Our energy efficiency expertise and Worthington’s history of taking innovation to scale will help even more companies take their energy reduction and resource conservation programs to the next level.

Today, Worthington Energy Innovations has more than $100 million in Energy Service Agreements (ESAs) and guarantees the performance and sustainability of energy systems operating throughout the United States and Canada. Worthington has 30 employees at its headquarters in Fremont, Ohio and provides contract work for up to 200 engineers at any given time. Additionally, Worthington’s work has helped create new manufacturing and engineering jobs across the United States.